Blabberbug - Word of Mouth, Viral Coupon Deal Marketing for Restaurants
Blabberbug - Starting up the startup

Rebuilding a Startup

In 2008 and 2009, we started Blabberbug in the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. With a scrappy mentality, we were able to grow it to have a decent impact in that micro-market but we were missing some key components that would inevitably mean an indefinite hiatus. More on that below. Now it's 2022 and we see a huge need for Blabberbug to get back off the ground. This marks the beginning of that vision.

Without enough financial backing, the rapid adoption of smartphones left Blabberbug in limbo. We decided to put it on hiatus until the time was right. That that is now for a number of reasons.

  1. Inflationary Effects. It’s not transitory and everyone is feeling the pain in their pockets. Saving a little bit of cash goes a long way now more than ever.
  2. Need for Connection. People want to come together and reinforce their relationships. Dining together is a great way to do that.
  3. Need for Sales & Traffic. Restaurants need sales and traffic for the very same reasons. Money is tight and sales have declined for many.

Blabberbug’s concept is simple. Restaurants setup two tiers of deals, a good one and a better one. Blabberbug users see these deals and choose to send a lower deal to a friend to unlock the better one. The recipient of the lower deal can either redeem it, or send it to a friend to unlock the better one for themselves. Therein is the basis for the virality of the system.

A lot was learned in the 2009 release and this new iteration will take those learnings into account to create an amazing minimal viable product. For instance, rather than having a blabber send the lower deal to three friends, it’s now 1-to-1. Easier, less of a barrier, and higher chance of viral proliferation.

In future posts, we’ll outline other learnings as we build the system and ready it for primetime. In the meantime, subscribe to our email list to get notifications on our progress and, of course, our pending launch. 

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