Give coupons to your friends, get better ones in return

Give a Deal, Get a Better One

It’s that simple. Give your friends and family deals to awesome restaurants and you’ll get a better one in return. Fast, free, and fun!

Blabberbug launches in Fall of 2022. Signup for the pre-launch list to get updates as we get closer to launch!

Blabberbug for Business

Boost your sales & traffic with viral deals

No matter what’s happening in the world one thing remains true: Restaurants need sales and traffic. The number one driver of traffic and new trials is word of mouth. The best way to spark word of mouth is with a deal.

Blabberbug sparks word of mouth with a viral marketing motor. Our give to get model rapidly fuels the spread of your brand with deals that spur on new trials and traffic.

Viral Word of Mouth Coupon Marketing for Restaurants

Blabberbug Updates


Updates on our path to launching the full Blabberbug system.